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4 Benefits of Having a Dog Crate
Dog crates are one of the best tools for dog behavior modification. For dog owners, a dog crate can provide a secure and calm environment for their dogs, aid them in establishing hygienic routines, and make them more manageable to live with especially for dog owners living with energetic pups. Here are some benefits of getting a dog crate:

1.    Helps teach your dog some hygienic routines.
When you buy a dog crate, these can come in different features that can be customized to your growing dog's need. A good rule in selecting the right dog crate size is having your dog enough room to move while not spacious enough to let them do their business in it. Dogs can be just as disgusted about soiling their own resting space just as we humans are.

A routine schedule of opening the crate lets the dog grasp the sense of when the where the appropriate time to do their business, and that is outside the crate. By establishing this routine early, you can prevent the dog from developing gross habits of being comfortable in their own filth. This also gives dogs the sense of not soiling anywhere they please around your home. There are several dog crate designs out there to choose from. Take into consideration the structure of the dog crate when you think about how to clean a dog crate and maintaining it.

2.    Safety and Security
Dogs are not immune to stress. Dogs are more sensitive to their owner's distress than what humans usually give them credit for. They are sensitive to the changes in their environment and when overstimulated, they may engage in some unwanted behaviors such as making a mess around the house for coping. A dog crate can be your dog's security blanket in times of distress. Whenever they feel threatened or overstimulated by their environment, a dog crate provides a sense of security to them during retreat.

Dog crates can invoke certain instincts in dogs when it comes to their den loving habits. Dogs enjoy a cozy environment during rests. It is no wonder why some dogs would search for a dark corner to sleep into whenever no dog crate is available.

3.    Traveling.
Dog crates can be suited for easy transport during domestic flights and long road travels. Well-designed dog crates can give you a peace of mind knowing your dog's safety is in check during travel. A dog crate can add protection to your pet from impacts during car crashes. These crates can help protect your dog from being in contact with dangerous animals in the cargo. Depending on your local domestic airline regulations, you can learn more on how dog crates provide added protection.

4.    Keep your house mess free
Not all dogs learn in the same pace. Some dogs have to get used to the idea of what dog crates are for. A dog crate can help you keep your dogs from making a mess in the house for a certain period of time.